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Louis Del Monte Keynotes & Workshops

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Expert in Internet and Social Media Marketing, Innovation, Change Management, Motivation & Artificial Intelligence – Award Winning Physicist, #1 Best Selling Author, CEO and High Profile Media Personality

Louis Del Monte shares his “scientific” and “real world” experience to deliver keynotes and workshops that are memorable and make a difference.

* You may have read one of his popular science books

* You are likely either using or within an arm’s length of a technology innovation or invention he and his team developed

For your next event, book the man who has literally changed the way we work, play and, even, make war. Here are some keynote/workshop examples:

1. Internet and Social Media Marketing Breakthroughs – How an award winning physicist uses a scientific approach to Internet and social media marketing resulting in more clients and products sold​

2. Manage Change to Thrive in Turbulent Times – How a CEO and former Honeywell Executive Director uses “battle proven” strategies to manage and lead change to thrive in turbulent times

3. Make Innovation an Organization’s Culture – An award-winning physicist, inventor and CEO demonstrates how to make innovation an organization’s culture. Learn how to schedule inventions to meet contract requirements

4. The Science of Success – Let an award-winning physicist, #1 bestselling author, CEO and former Honeywell Executive Director help you understand the science that underpins success

5. How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming our Lives – Amazon’s #1 bestselling authoron artificial intelligence provides exceptional insight into how artificial intelligence is transforming our lives at work, play and war

For over thirty years, he was a leader in the development of microelectronics and sensors for IBM and Honeywell. As a Honeywell Executive Director, Del Monte had P&L responsibility for $100 million annual bookings/sales, and directed hundreds of professionals to achieve corporate goals.

His innovations and pioneering work on microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) have profoundly affected integrated sensor technology. Samsung and Honeywell currently use a number of Del Monte’s patents, fundamental to the fabrication of specific integrated circuits and sensors.

In 2002, he formed a high-tech Internet marketing agency (Del Monte Agency) and was an early pioneer in the field of Internet marketing and social media. He is currently CEO of Del Monte & Associates, Inc., Del Monte Agency’s parent company.

More recently, Del Monte published three bestselling books: Unraveling the Universe’s Mysteries (2012), How to Time Travel (2013) and The Artificial Intelligence Revolution, which became Amazon’s #1 bestseller on artificial intelligence (2014).

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